Head Office Weatherford (UK) Aberdeen

Site: Head Office Weatherford (UK) Aberdeen
Client: Weatherford (UK) Aberdeen.
Value: £6.5m
Development: New Office Block for Weatherford (UK) Aberdeen.
Design Team: Wright Associates
Services: Planning Approval Services Project & design management
Undertaken: Earthworks design
Effluent water treatment system Drainage Design
Sustainable urban drainage design
Foundation / substructure design Superstructure analysis / design
Construction supervision
Construction information

This was a design a build project having the objective to centralise Weatherford services on one site.

The project included a four storey office building having a floor area of 4600m2 carried out in a number of distinct phases. This was phase 1 and included gymnasium and restaurant facilities.

The structure was a structural steel braced frame carried to pad and strip foundations. Suspended floors were constructed in profiled steel sheeting and concrete topping which had the advantage of reducing the depth of supporting steelwork by composite action.

Castellated beams introduced in the design enabled services to be located.

Site investigation specified by Wright Associates enabled design of reinforced concrete foundations, hardstandings, roads and drainage.